Support Activities

Support Activities

In daily life, many deaf people face such problems as:

  • Tending to be isolated from the community
  • Finding it hard to get necessary information
  • Finding it hard to hear voices and sounds
  • Finding it hard to speak clearly and properly
  • Finding it hard to read and write in the Japanese language
  • Losing relationships among people due to communication problems
  • Losing jobs

Lectures by Niimaru

Our lecturers can travel to seminars and give consecutive lectures at civic organizations, schools, NPOs, municipalities, and companies. In addition, we can also be consulted about the planning and management of events. Please feel free to ask us about the theme, cost, content, etc.

The “Sign Language course in Niigata” class was set up in a 2011 Citizen Planning Course as a part of our support activities.

Niimaru study session

Occasionally we hold study sessions on topics such as comprehensive support law for people with disabilities, welfare for people with hearing impairments, and sign language.