Procedures of Member Registration at Kamekoya

Procedures of Member Registration at Kamekoya

[1] Procedure of member registration of community life support at Kamekoya

This facility is organized for the person who wishes to talk and enjoy sign language or to go with deaf people
Please contact us, community life support facility, Kamekoya.
Then reserve the visit date and time of the facility tour.
FAX/TEL 025-288-5222

[2] The Facility Tour

The facility and environment will be introduced and then guide around welfare service of facility at Kamekoya. It must be ideal to have a look at the actual view of the facility. During the tour, more detailed materials will be provided.

[3] A Day of Interview

A guidance to the applicant.
At the same time, the method to use facility will be explained when the applicant wishes to experience the service of the community life support at Kamekoya.

[4] Disabled Welfare Service Recipient Identification

At first, it is necessary to visit the local municipality office in order to be issued a Certificate of Disability Welfare Service recipient.
Our office staff can accompany with the applicant, however we cannot substitute for the applicant.
The application is required to submit the Disability Certificate book and required documents.
When you wish to apply, please feel free to contact us about the application, accompany staff support or advice.

[5] Accreditation Survey

At the accreditation survey, the municipal staff or specialized counselors will visit your home or Kamekoya, and then the hearing survey and assessment will be conducted for the accreditation.
At the hearing, the living condition of the applicant will be asked and Kamekoya can support by means of sign language interpretation or brush talks, etc.

[6] Contract with Kamekoya

After identification of Disability Welfare Service recipient is issued, you are deemed as a regular member and will be able to get full services of the community life support by Kamekoya.