Continuation Employment Support type B

In April 2012, NPO Niimaru started business as a Niigata City Community Activity Support Center Type III. It was licensed as a Designated Welfare Service Provider in December 2014. It then transitioned into a Continuation Employment Support type B organization for supporting the daily living and working lives of hearing impaired people and renamed as “Terakoya.”
This organization is a training and commuting facility that aims to support employment and independence for people with hearing impairments. We also consider communication tools as well as the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities, Sign Language, Writing, etc. We promote independent living and social participation of deaf and hard of hearing people through vocational training, social activities, and communication in a relaxing and inclusive setting.

About the use of Terakoya facilities and welfare for hearing impaired people.

Terakoya will consult with you about the troubles or challenges experienced by the hearing impaired person. Please do not hesitate to tell us about any particular points you would like us to pay particular attention to or known points of anxiety when you make your request.
We will also consult with hearing impaired people about their daily life issues, welfare due to hearing impairments, or the Total Support Law for people with disabilities.